Tech and Applications

Technology and Applications

Warehousing is not untouched by automation. There are some already established automated warehouse solutions; however the Kubo System is more than automatic movement. Kubo disrupts the typical handling standards and conventions. This is what sets the Kubo System apart from other automated systems. 

Space is money. Optimise yours.

Kubo’s stacking structure, is made all the more innovative by proprietary software informed by operational research, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The system works by incorporating elements of machine learning, which will allow the software itself to "learn", during the operation, and for the particular operating system, the more potential location for its allocation (depending on SKU allocated to the box).

Advantages of the Kubo System

  • Capacity with occupancy rate closer to 100% of the volumetric storage space
  • Efficiency in handling and effectiveness of picking and handling process
  • Decreased labour cost in fewer man hours per storage manoeuvre
  • Customisation allowing many different combinations
  • Simple installation and setup of system components

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